Do I need planning permission?

Although it is always recommended that you check with your local authority, there are very few restrictions for permitted development when it comes to outbuildings. Provided you build within these guidelines it is possible to build any leisure cabin 5 meter from your main house and under 4 m in apex height. A building over 30 m² will normally be subjected to UK building regulations.

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What type of base should my timber building be constructed on?

In general a timber building can be erected on any type of suitably designed base popular in your geographic area. These include concrete slab, pillar and beam, crawl space, strip wall or full foundation. Your cabin plans will include specific dimensions for construction.

Can I erect my own Nordic Room/timber building?

Our timber frame constructions are not suitable for DIY and has to be built by Nordic Wood’s trained carpenters.

Will my Nordic Room require exterior finishing?

Left unfinished, the pine panels will start to rot. If you go for a Siberian larch or cedar finish they can be left untreated and will weather to a silver grey colour. Colour density and uniformity will vary depending on exposure and climatic conditions in your area. Most customers choose to apply either some type of translucent stain or one of the several colour choices available from our Butinox Jotun range. Nordic Wood can offer suggestions and show you samples of different finishes.

Should the inside of my Nordic Room walls be treated?

If you have chosen the pre stained white wash panles then there is no ned for treatment. If you have chosen the natural pine panels it is not necessary to apply finish to the inside log walls, but doing so has certain advantages. A finished wall is much easier to clean; the finish seals the wood making it resistant to stains from oils, grease, and dirt. Most finishes, whether natural or containing stain, will enhance the grain and knot characteristics of the wood, making it more attractive. Nordic Wood have a complete range of cleaning and wood treatments from Scandinavia made from completely natural products.

How long is delivery?

The lead time of a Nordic Room is around 6 – 8 weeks from date of signed purchace agreement and deposit is paid. We then start placing orders of windows and doors from Denmark which is the element with the longest lead time. The scheduled build time then depends on an available slot from our carpenter teams.

What are the payment terms?

On signing of the contract we require a 50% deposit to enable production to begin. The remaining 50% is then payable on the day of delivery/build.

Payment can be made by cheque, debit card or BACS. We charge 3% for credit card payments.

The end to end process Nordic offer is very professional; being a family run business they take their customers very seriously and we were very satisfied with the result. Thanks Olaf and the team!

MR&Mrs Kelly Twickenham

Everyone I have been in contact with at Nordic Wood was a real pleasure to deal with. Tess and Olaf were patient in answering my many questions and the carpenters were all extremely polite, cheerful and professional.

Dara, London

From the first phone call to discuss our requirements, through several site visits to assess if our plans were viable, and on to construction and finishing I have nothing but praise for the company and those involved in it. 

Mike, Surrey

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