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Nordic Wood uses only the finest materials in all our buildings. This starts from each of our C24 grade beams of timber (the best available softwood, ideal for load bearing) to every self drilling countersunk screw we use, and everything in between.

But this quality stock isn’t reserved to just for our cabins, Nordic Wood also offers a range of high quality materials, for any build project, at very competitive prices:

External panelling and decking in Siberian Larch

We import high quality Siberian Larch straight from selected sawmills to great prices. Click here for further information.

Indoor wall and ceiling panels from Scandinavia

We offer a range of ready painted wall and ceiling panels imported from Huntonit in Norway. These environmental friendly panels come in a range of profiles and colours. Please visit our sister site for further information.

Bespoke windows & doors in core wood or aluminium

We import high quality windows and doors from a chosen Scandinavian factory that can be bought either in off-the-peg sizes or bespoke measures. You choose double or triple glazing, colour of window frames and shape! Click here for further information.


Insulated floors improve the room comfort and save energy. We supply a specialised bitumen sub floor for the insulation layer to rest on.

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Our pent roof Nordic Rooms come with a vulcanised rubber roof that we glue down without nails so it is 100% waterproof. On a pitched roof where the angle is higher we use a glass fibre shingle from Isola in Norway, where you can pick shapes and colour, with a 15 year product guarantee. If you want something more specialist like slate tiles or cedar wood shingles we have great alternatives we can price up for you.

Fire Protection

For fire protection of all wood we offer special paint and varnishes upgrading the timber to British Standard fire protection requirements. Please visit for further information.

The end to end process Nordic offer is very professional; being a family run business they take their customers very seriously and we were very satisfied with the result. Thanks Olaf and the team!

Mr&Mrs Kelly Twickenham

Everyone I have been in contact with at Nordic Wood was a real pleasure to deal with. Tess and Olaf were patient in answering my many questions and the carpenters were all extremely polite, cheerful and professional.

Dara, London

From the first phone call to discuss our requirements, through several site visits to assess if our plans were viable, and on to construction and finishing I have nothing but praise for the company and those involved in it. 

Mike, Surrey

“Both me and my wife really appreciated your professionalism and very kind approach to the work. I’m attaching few pictures of the annex, it is lovely and all our friends are asking about the company who did such an amazing work in just 4 weeks”

Luciano, Surrey

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