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Heating your Cabin

Nordic Wood Ltd are able to provide support and guidance on heating your cabin and making sure it passes the relevant pressure tests (for building regulations where required). More often than not the best solution is an electric skirting heater however we can also use underfloor heating or heat pumps to heat your cabin.

Our stocked skirting panel heaters:

BEHA P8 | standard | 800W | £118 inc. VAT
BEHA P10 | standard | 1000W | £142 inc. VAT
BEHA PG 10 | glass | 1000W | £286 inc. VAT

Our recommended underfloor heating:

Heating mats | per m2 | £43.80 inc. VAT

Air to air heat pumps:

Asked for stocked items | Staring price £1,100

If you’re considering a fully insulated cabin of your own, get in touch with us today on 01932 343 228 or email us at sales@nordic-wood.co.uk.

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The end to end process Nordic offer is very professional; being a family run business they take their customers very seriously and we were very satisfied with the result. Thanks Olaf and the team!

MR&Mrs Kelly Twickenham

Everyone I have been in contact with at Nordic Wood was a real pleasure to deal with. Tess and Olaf were patient in answering my many questions and the carpenters were all extremely polite, cheerful and professional.

Dara, London

From the first phone call to discuss our requirements, through several site visits to assess if our plans were viable, and on to construction and finishing I have nothing but praise for the company and those involved in it. 

Mike, Surrey

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