Nordic Room – An energy efficient garden room, made to measure

The ‘Nordic Room’ – our most popular product – is a classic timber frame garden cabin. It actually forms the base for all of our timber frame cabins as it can be adapted to ANY size and layout in line with your requirements. This means it is suitable for nearly any shape or size garden.

What is more, Nordic Rooms are designed with your permitted development rights in mind, so most of our clients do not require planning permission!

Quality as Standard

Each of our rooms is built using tried and tested Scandinavian techniques. We also only used the finest C-graded timber imported from Scandinavia to create our fully insulated cavity walls, floor and roof. This combination has stood the test of time in the harshest of Scandinavian climates, making it very robust for the milder English weather.

Once your cabin is erected, we undergo a Quality Assurance visit identifying any ‘snags’ that may need to be rectified if there are any.

Every Nordic Room also comes with a service visit in the first year, to ensure any adjustments can be professionally dealt with after the cabin has settled. Find out more about the composition of a Nordic Room here.

Nordic Room Configuration Ideas

All our Nordic Rooms are completely bespoke, and can be built to varying shapes and sizes.

Nonetheless we have put together a pricing grid so you can get an idea of how much a garden room would cost. We would tailor the exact size to fit your garden which would be discussed during a garden visit. For more ideas on your Nordic Room, why not visit our facebook page to see our previous designs.

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Price Your Room

Room Sizes and Prices

Size width
Size depth44.555.567

Extra Items Not Included In Matrix

Decking per sq.mDecking size95inc. VATExample: 1.5m x 4m decking is 6m2 x £95 = £570 inc. labour, materials & VAT
Vertical claddingCabin size26.4inc. VATExample: A 5m x 4m cabin is 20m2 x £26.40 = £528.00 inc. labour, materials & VAT
Scandinavian insulationCabin size66inc VATExample: A 5m x 4m cabin is 20m2 x £66.00 = £1,320.00 inc. labour, materials & VAT
Electric packCabin size48inc. VATExample: A 5m x 4m cabin is 20m2 x £41.00 = £820.00 inc. labour, materials & VAT, but excluding link up with mains
Integrated storage shedCabin size24inc VATExam[le: A 5m x 4m cabin is 20m2 x £24.00 = £480.00 inc. door, insulation , labour & VAT. No wall panels & laminat
Toilet pack for cabinPack price2280inc. VATThis price include door, cork flooring, smartpanel wall tiles, ceiling boards, toilet, washbasing and shower cubicle .
The bathroom does not include labour and items outside the cabin. Insulated partition wall and a window included.

More Options

Heater w/thermostat1000W each148inc. VAT
Glass heater & thermostat1000W each248inc. VAT


Scandinavian InsulationupgradeInclude thicker wall studs, 25mm extra Cellotex, outside wind board. U-value in wall drop from 0.36 to 0.28 and is within regulation and EPC A/B
Electrical packupgradeIncrease with size, but start with 10 outside soffit-lights and two up down lights each side of door, internal 6 double sockets, fuse-box, all cabling, triple switch, heater socket, 10 movable spot lights in ceiling and labour for internal fitting. Conecting to the mains not included
Integrated storage shedupgradeIntegratged in cabin with separate door, small airing window, insulated walls, but no finishing matgerials inside on top of OSB and floor boards
BathroomupgradeInternal door, finished walls, floor & ceiling with standard toilet, shower cubicle and wash basin inc. taps. No plumber included and link to house
All prices in this matrix includes VAT and labour (except for electricals and plumber outside cabin.
All prices are a good indication of the cost of Nordic Room. However, because of specifications and the variances of a bespoke cabin you will if interested receive an accurate quote for the cabin you like to fit in your garden. There is a lot of other specifications available, but that will be dependent on your particular use of the Nordic Garden Room.

The end to end process Nordic offer is very professional; being a family run business they take their customers very seriously and we were very satisfied with the result. Thanks Olaf and the team!

MR&Mrs Kelly Twickenham

Everyone I have been in contact with at Nordic Wood was a real pleasure to deal with. Tess and Olaf were patient in answering my many questions and the carpenters were all extremely polite, cheerful and professional.

Dara, London

From the first phone call to discuss our requirements, through several site visits to assess if our plans were viable, and on to construction and finishing I have nothing but praise for the company and those involved in it. 

Mike, Surrey

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