Project Description

New pavilion at Askham Bryan College in Guisborough

The purpose for the new classroom/school building is to provide a safe haven for students with learning difficulties and students without previous education. They go there to get used to the busy environment of the college. As they gain in confidence and curiosity they are encouraged to move on to more conventional paths of education. – The wood has a very calming influence on the students. They like coming in here, says Anne Dale, Assistant Director Rural Outreach at the college. We have tried to create an environment that is as calm as possible; the pavilion stands in a garden where we aim to have the students growing their own vegetables. The students will be able to take their produce straight into the new kitchen and cook. She continues

– We wanted a space that would feel safe. When we decided to work with Nordic Wood we told them what we needed in the pavilion and got a very good suggestion back. It is one classroom, a social space, an office, good space cloakroom/ toilet and a kitchen. There is a ramp leading up to the pavilion so it can be easily accessed with a wheelchair. Other students will also have access to the new pavilion during lunch, as a social meeting place. And over the weekends it will be used by external organisations. The vision we had is what we have moved into!

Tailor Made Solutions

Our client had very specific needs and the project had a regimented time frame to finish before the students were due back to school. We tailor made the floor plan to accommodate all the elements that were required as well as working with electricians and plumbers to create the perfect cabin for our client. This has resulted in a beautiful Nordic Wood cabin and a very content customer.

Built in Timber Frame

The new pavilion is a timber frame structure with pine panelling on the outside as well as indoors. This enables us to achieve the traditional log cabin look, but also get a very solid structural bearing in the timber frame. All the wood is from sustainable sources in Scandinavia and the windows are Danish with good thermal qualities. The building is fully insulated to the best Scandinavian standard to make sure we achieve insulation values required by Building Control.