Project Description

Entertainment Room for the Whole Family

After extensive research this lovely family approached Nordic Wood with their requirement for a large family entertainment room. Set in the back garden of their large Buckinghamshire garden a pitched roof giving extra height was suitable.

Custom Made

The client wanted built-in cabinet door where the hidden door leads in to the back room with a small kitchenette. So in other words, the kitchenette is invisible from the main room, creating a lovely space for the family.

Larch Wood Decking

Around 65 sq. m of larch decking was added to the front of the room interlinking the room with the main house. Larch wood is a superior wood type that will weather beautifully and grow old gracefully.

What The Client Says

‘If you’re reading this testimonial, you’re probably at the precipice of making a supplier choice. There are three things we learnt on our journey which you may find helpful:

(1) Material selection is probably the most critical decision, and Norwegian Larch sits above any other option – trust us, we did a lot of research. It’s not cheap, but it gives the building a sustainable integrity that you will only feel once it’s up. If it’s good enough for the Norwegians…

(2) Its’ all about attention to detail, working with craftsmen who love their job, and will go the extra mile to get it right. It was a good decision not to go with under-floor heating, the insulation is so good even on a cold winter’s day – better than the house we live in.

(3) Push the limits of creativity – you’re likely only to do this once. The lovely thing about working with Nordic Wood, is the team don’t stick to the rule book – and this is what sets them apart.

The only thing which was frustrating, is they don’t discount. I guess you don’t need to when you’re good.

During the build we ate together, drank together and laughed together – and were fortunate to create something special which hopefully our kids kid’s can enjoy in the future. One word. Epic.”