Project Description

Office for dad and hangout for teen – win win!

This client in Surrey needed a place to work away from the house. Their teenage son also needs a place where he could bring friends away from the parets but still at home. They also wanted a larger than standard overhang on two sides so that the cabin could be lit up at night to make a nice feature. As the room had to be super close to the boundary Nordic Wood added a fire rated cloth to comply with regulations and permitted development rights.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure being a customer of yours and I wish you all the best for 2020, writing as I do now from my cosy garden study! (which I get to go in during the day time when my son hasn’t got 4-6 friends partying then sleeping over in it…)”

Darryl in Surrey

This Nordic Room meets the Permitted Development rules. Catherine and Darryl asked to have a wider roof on both sides facing the house, to protect from sun when Darryl is in the office, and to look good when the downlights are on at night.